At ARAVINDA a lot of stress is laid on teaching English as most of the children come from homes where the language barely spoken is not English. It has been scientifically proven that a child can learn 6 languages by the age of 5. Based on year wise objectives, our text books are designed to effectively develop competence in listening & speaking and thereby reading and writing. Children are helped to acquire competence in the use of functional English as early as possible through the following activities 

Stories are read, discussed and interpreted in the classroom to make the young ones imagine and make up their own stories. Role plays are organized as a continuation of it.

Children listen and respond to songs, rhymes and poems which help them to associate sounds with patterns.

Picture reading and Flash cards are used to improve vocabulary.

Annual Day

Annual day is celebrated once a year to bring the children out of the four walls and to introduce dias to them to overcome the stage fear from their early stage.

Technical Events

This is best for students who want to pursue their career in writing, also for all those people who have the hidden talent of poetry writing or recitation. This is also one of the popular events among students, to showcase their talents. Other institution will also send participants and they compete with each other in the poetry writing and reciting competition.

Sports Day

Sports day is also celebrated once an academic year with the motive of extending the four walls of classroom to the huge open air playground, where children are encouraged to participate in different outdoor games like running race, sack race, lemon and spoon, fruit eating competition and dance competition to increase the physical ability of the children.