Teaching Process

Excellent teacher-student relationship is at the heart of our pre-primary School. Teaching at this level needs high proficiency and resourcefulness along with application of traditional and modern methods. Also, it is important for the kids to be handled with respect, affection, care and trust. The teachers at ARAVINDA are well-qualified and driven by enthusiasm, commitment, team spirit experience and above all, a concern for the child.


Examinations are a crucial part of the educational process. Some form of assessment is necessary to determine the effectiveness of the students. The entire evaluation process is done on the basis of scholastic areas and co-scholastic areas. Scholastic areas are generally related to subject specific aspects and co-scholastic areas are concerned with students’ life skills, attitudes and co-curricular activities. The scholastic evaluation is incorporated with Regular assessments, formative assessments (FA) and summative assessments (SA).


Life Skills

It is essential that a child grows up to be a compassionate human being. At the same time, it is essential that they learn to shoulder their responsibilities at an early age.
The aim behind introducing life skills in our school curriculum is to capture the true essence of adolescence. Lessons in life skills help in the holistic development of children and its significance cannot be ignored.